Cynorix Wi-Fi Monitor

Cynorix Wi-Fi Monitor is an advanced Wi-Fi monitoring (hardware) device that observes the environment served by a Wi-Fi router, detects legitimate nodes, and generates messages (email/SMS) to inform the home/office owner in case a problematic case is recorded. Another equally important task concerns detecting malicious activities, such as man-in-the-middle attack, de-authentication attack, WIFIPHISHER (also known as Evil Twin), and KARMA attack, again informing the owner using email/SMS.
There are numerous software tools available for Wi-Fi monitoring. These tools are not a replacement for Cynorix Wi-Fi Monitor because:

  • Wi-Fi software-based monitoring tools are designed to help in network planning. These tools do not check the health of devices in the network, nor observe/analyze the Wi-Fi traffic to detect malicious activities and security attacks.
  • Software-based monitoring tools are designed to be used by computer savvies. They require a hardware platform, for example a laptop or a tablet, for their execution. Dedicating a computer or a tablet 24/7 to execute a software-based monitoring tool is neither economical, nor convenient. In contrast, our hardware tool functions standalone, is user friendly, and is designed to address the needs and interests of typical end-users without any assumptions regarding their technical backgrounds