About Us

Our Story

Like any startup with roots in academia, is that of a desire to do more with what we have learned over years, the desire to bridge the gap between our world of theoretical concepts and the society around us with real problems that we could solve. Cynorix is a start-up in Waterloo, Canada developing next generation security solutions and products. The know-how leading to the development of Cynorix products and solutions stem from many years of academic research in the areas of Information Theory and Software Systems. Backed with liberal IP policy of the University of Waterloo, plus generous support from Canadian government, we have managed to bring these theoretical findings to practical use.


Internet is an amazing place, a place to learn, work and play. Access to information over the Internet has turned into a basic human right, however, this enormous potential is misused by some, endangering people’s right to access and exchange knowledge. Our vision is to become an industry leader in facilitating low cost, reliable and secure exchange of information. Noting the urgent need for better security mechanisms, our vision is to start our commercialization activities by focusing on products related to security. We have a number of other products in the pipeline, which are protected by numerous patents, and for which we have developed functional prototypes. Our vision is to introduce these other products to the market over the next few years, with the goal of turning Cynorix into a multifaceted company in the area of Information Technology


Information theory is the mathematical know-how guiding how informative contents can be processed and communicated. This fundamental framework, in spite of all its power, has remained somewhat obscure in industries dealing with information technology. Our mission is to bridge the existing gap between mystical and complex concepts of information theory, and practice of information processing, storage and transmission. Our mission is to build products and solutions that eases access to information, while providing strong shields against those that endanger the rights and security of others.

What We Do Different

We have kept our mind open in reimagining security and privacy by in light of information theoretical foundations, a solid approach that has been hugely underutilized prior to the birth of Cynorix. We have redefined the security requirements to what is provably unbreakable, while maintaining compatibility with existing solutions such that our products and solutions are always added as an additional layer of unbreakable barrier working in conjunction and in harmony with existing standards.