Generation and Sharing of Encryption Keys

Generates & shares truly random encryption keys among participating parties with truly zero information leakage, and with the possibility to renew key(s) as often as desired. Unlike existing methods which are based on hardness of a mathematical problem, Cynorix keys are generated by extracting randomness from physical phenomena (Quantum-safe). Keys are generated/shared through high-level programming (software addition) in the application layer.

  • Encryption keys can be easily added to wireless networks, e.g., IOT and LTE, or to software tools operating over networks, e.g., Virtual Private Networking (VPN) tools.
  • Methods for key sharing among multiple participants (used in Cynorix Conferencing product) can be applied to any online activity involving several participants, e.g., voting. Relying on a novel distributed key sharing algorithm, a copy of the key can be provided to a large number of participants in minimum time, and without any information leakage.