Sales/Marketing Positions at CYNORIX Inc.

Full-time or Part-time

CYNORIX Inc. has developed several state-of-the art products in the area Internet and Cloud security (please refer to various videos at These products have market in small enterprises such as “Accounting Firms”, “Law Firms”, “Clinics”, “Physician Offices”, “Medical Laboratories”, “Small Companies/Offices”, etc., as well as in large enterprises such as “High Tech Companies”, “Hospitals” and “Universities”. Products are based on ground-breaking theoretical findings, offering distinct advantages with respect to competing products available in the market. CYNORIX Inc. is ready to introduce these products to the marketplace and is seeking to expand its marketing team. Employees are expected to become an integral part of the company moving forward, a company that has the potential to become a world leader in some highly needed areas.

1. Compensation includes a base salary supplemented by generous monetary sales incentives.  

2. Stock option will be considered – to be negotiated upon demonstrating a successful sales record during a reasonable probationary period (details to be negotiated).  

3. Sales representatives have the freedom to work on-site or remote. 

4. Sales representatives will be provided with sales materials deemed necessary.

5. Upon demonstrating a successful sales record, each sale representative can form a sales team by hiring sales assistant(s).

6. Prior experience in relevant markets will be a bonus.

7. Basic knowledge of computers, and the Internet will be a bonus.

8. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply at any time.

Interested applicants are required to email their resumes to (with copy to Inquires should be addressed to (with copy to, or Tel: 519-4984595.