Full-time Software Positions at CYNORIX Inc. www.cynorix.com

Several positions are available at CYNORIX Inc. in the general area of software development for Internet, cellular, IOT and Wi-Fi security applications

Positions are likely to be of particular interest to international students who intend to work in Canada upon graduation to become qualified for Canadian immigration/citizenship  

CYNORIX Inc. has developed several state-of-the art products in the area security (please refer to various videos at www.cynorix.com). These products are based on ground-breaking theoretical findings, implemented in software/firmware, offering distinct advantages with respect to competing products available in the market. CYNORIX Inc. is ready to introduce these products to the marketplace and is seeking to expand its engineering team. Team members will be exposed to various aspects of Internet security, including novel methods in encryption (quantum-safe key generation/sharing), authentication, fast distribution/sharing of encryption keys, etc. Team members will have every opportunity to contribute to various aspects of products, from core theoretical foundations all the way to practical implementation. Employees will become an integral part of the company moving forward, a company that has the potential to become a world leader in some highly needed and exciting R&D areas.

1.    Salary will be competitive with industry and is supplemented with a generous stock option.  

2.    Employees have the freedom to work on-site or remote. 

3.    Applicants who have completed (or will be completing soon) their B.Sc., M.A.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees will be considered.

4.    Expertise in JavaScript, Python, as well as C-programming will be particularly useful, although individuals with general knowledge in software area are encouraged to apply.

5.    Examples of tasks:  Front-end Development: React and React-Native; Back-end Development: NodeJS; Desktop Development: Qt-C++, Electron, C#; Firmware Development: Python Programming in OPENWRT environment (to enhance security in Wi-Fi routers); Mobile Developer: Android and IOS

Interested applicants are required to email their resumes to khandani@uwaterloo.ca (with copy to khandani@cynorix.com). Inquires should be addressed to khandani@uwaterloo.ca (with copy to khandani@cynorix.com), or Tel: 519-4984595.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply at any time.