Privacy Policy


At Cynorix Inc, we take pride in providing our users with the highest standards of data security and privacy. In terms of collecting data, we gather aggregated statistics to help us provide our users with a better quality of service. Such data collection operations are automated and anonymized, without any information that would enable us or other parties to identify individual users. We neither rent nor sell any information that we collect.
Information items necessary in multi-factor authentication, for example, when a user relies on SMS as a method of authentication, are stored by third party cloud storage providers with highest standards of security (in particular, we rely on Firebase, a database service provided by Google). All communications between your device(s) and such cloud services rely on standard internet encryption protocols based on https/TLS. In additions to this standard encryption layer, when it comes to transmitting sensitive data (e.g., the link to a web video meeting), we apply a second layer of encryption using our proprietary unbreakable, quantum-safe, encryption and/or key sharing algorithms. In our products dealing with secure file sharing, files are encrypted within your local device (e.g., laptop) and decrypted within the device of the person with whom you have shared the encrypted file. In particular, neither encrypted files, nor their corresponding encryption keys/passwords, are stored in any external server(s) maintained by Cynorix or any third party. This means, neither Cynorix, nor any of the cloud services we use, has access to your encrypted file(s), nor to a key that would enable any party to decrypt your files. Cynorix breakthrough sharing technology acts as an intermediary between the sender (person who encrypts the file) and the receiver (person(s) who are authorized by the sender to decrypt the encrypted file), thereby enabling the receiver(s) to decrypt the file. Cynorix file sharing technology performs this operation (of acting as an intermediary between the sender and the receiver) without having access to the encrypted file, nor to its encryption key.