Cynorix Secure Conferencing


  1. Full featured, highly scalable conferencing tool (handling hundreds of participants) with end-to-end encryption (end-to-end encryption means video/audio/text messages are not decrypted before reaching their final destination, and consequently, only the conference participants (and not the cloud servers) will have access to decrypted video/audio/text streams.

  2. Unbreakable encryption among all participants.

  3. Unlike Public Key Infratsure (PKI), no information about encryption key is stored anywhere.

  4. Lightning fast generation/distribution of key material among a large number of participants (less than 1sec for securely distributing an encryption key among up to 1000 participants); while guaranteeing perfect secrecy (zero information leakage about the key).

  5. No need for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) reducing maintenance costs for large organizations. Note that in using PKI (traditional technique for key exchange), even if the private key of a single participant (stored on his/her local device) is compromised, the entire conference will be wide open to eavesdropping.

  6. Unlike PKI (which relies on secure storage of private keys), Cynorix encryption keys are not stored in any form. Encryption key is generated for each conference room from scratch when the meeting starts.

  7. Option for renewing encryption keys on a regular basis, say every few minutes, for the same meeting.

  8. Can be integrated with Cynorix Secure Storage technology (to securely store meetings' recordings).

  9. Can be integrated with Cynorix Automated, Real-time, Multi-factor Authentication technology to check the identity of meeting participants prior to accepting them into the meeting.

Please check here for other benefits with respect to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

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Cynorix Secure Conferencing (CSC) is a truly secure conferencing tool. There are numerous conferencing/chat tools in the market, used for personal video calls, as well as for business virtual meetings and on-line collaborations. CSC is a high quality platform offering services similar to the best conferencing/chat tools in the market. The main difference of CSC with these other conferencing/chat applications is that, in CSC, the links among different parties participating in a call are secured using Cynorix key generation algorithm. In addition, the video recordings of call sessions will be stored using Cynorix secure storage technology, and if needed, the authentication of participants is verified using Cynorix real-time, automated, multi-factor authentication. All in all, CSC offers the most secure and truly private conferencing tool in the market.