Cynorix Secure Storage


1. Each encrypted file has a dedicated key, and can be decrypted only by its rightful owner.

2. Provides a mechanism for sharing encrypted files without decrypting them, and without disclosing any information about the password used by the original owner to establish the encryption key. .

3. Impossible to hack the storage cipher - protected by a first level key which is not stored at all, and at the same time, protected by a second level key which is automatically/regularly updated in a distributed manner using Cynorix Distributed Key Maintenance technology.

4. Encrypted files are transmitted to the cloud over an encrypted channel with prefect security (unbreakable encryption) relying on Cynorix Key Generation technology. This is additonal to (used together with) the standard TLS encryption.

5. Enhanced with the best known, yet easy to use, multi-factor authentication - CYNORIX Automated, Real-time, Multi-factor Authentication technology.

6. Enhanced with password/key recovery facility with zero information leakage about the password- Cynorix Password Safeguarding technology.

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Cynorix Secure Storage (CSS) brings together different technologies Cynorix team has developed. It combines Cynorix authentication, transmission and distributed encryption technologies. CSS incorporates three different encryptions (on top of what is offered by the standard Internet technology): The file(s) to be securely save is/are first protected by a first level encryption for storage for which the key is known only to the file owner. This first level key is not stored, nor transmitted. Upon applying this first level encryption, the file can be stored either on the owner storage device (locally or in the cloud), or be sent out to be stored on Cynorix server in the could. In the latter case that the file is stored on Cynorix server, first the user will be authenticated using Cynorix multi-factor authentication. Then, the Internet path for sending the file is encrypted using Cynorix one-time PAD key generation algorithm. Note that this layer of encryption is additional to the encryption automatically used for communications over the internet in the so-called Transport Layer Security (TLS). Finally, upon receiving the file at the Cynorix server in the cloud, the file is encrypted once more and the corresponding key is stored using Cynorix distributed storage technology. The net outcome is that the encrypted file can be decrypted only by its rightful owner within his/her trusted device(s), while Cynorix technologies for authentication and secure transmission guarantee that the owner is properly authenticated, and the transmission paths over which the encrypted file(s) will be transmitted are completely immune to hacking.