Cynorix Wi-Fi Monitor


  1. Standalone, low cost unit that protects a Wi-Fi network by passively detecting and actively reporting external attacks.

  2. Detecting and reporting the functionality/health of Wi-Fi IOT nodes.

  3. Detecting and reporting the overall connection quality in Wi-Fi networks.

  4. Records and reports various metric related to the Wi-Fi networks, plus relevant tips for improving quality of Wi-Fi connections.

  5. Fairly large touch display as Graphic User Interface (GUI) for best possible user experience.

Relevant Videos:

Cynorix Wi-Fi Monitor (CWM) is an advanced Wi-Fi monitoring (hardware) device that observes the environment served by a Wi-Fi router, detects legitimate nodes using the Wi-Fi service, and generates messages (email, SMS, or phone call) to inform the home/office owner if some of the nodes fail to communicate, or have a poor signal quality. This is particularly helpful in managing battery powered IOT nodes, which may run out of battery, or due to poor wireless reception, consume too much battery power by having to retransmit a packet multiple times until it is received free of error. Another equally important task of CWM concerns detecting malicious activities, such as man-in-the-middle attack, de-authentication attack, WIFIPHISHER (also known as Evil Twin), and KARMA attack, again informing the owner using email and SMS.

There are numerous software tools available for the purpose of Wi-Fi monitoring. These tools are not a replacement for CWM for the following reasons:

Wi-Fi software-based monitoring tools are designed mainly for the purpose of network planning, for example, the placement of the router within the home/office. These tools provide extensive and comprehensive reporting of the amount of interference in different Wi-Fi bands, and devices active at any given time instance. These tools do not check the health of devices in the network, nor observe/analyze the Wi-Fi traffic to detect malicious activities and security attacks.

Software-based monitoring tools are mainly of interest to, and designed to be used by, computer savvies. They require a hardware platform, for example a laptop or a tablet, for their execution. Dedicating a computer or a tablet 24/7 to execute a software-based monitoring tool is neither economical, nor convenient. In contrast, our hardware tool, CWM, functions standalone, is user friendly, and is designed to address the needs and interests of typical end-users without any assumptions regarding their technical backgrounds. CWM is designed to operate automatically without imposing any load on its user, and without any complex technical adjustments being ever needed.