Cynorix Secure Conferencing

Cynorix Secure Conferencing is composed of a tool for video chat and a tool for interactive whiteboard. It is a high-quality platform with end-to-end encryption, offering basic services on a par with the best conferencing/chat tools in the market. Primary advantages vs. existing conferencing/chat tools are:

  • Full featured, highly scalable conferencing tool with end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption means video/audio/text/drawings/documents and control messages are not decrypted before reaching their destination, and only conference participants will have access to decrypted contents.
  • Existing solutions rely on emailing the meeting link to participants, which means a potential intruder who gains access to the link can bypass the security barriers. In Cynorix Secure Conferencing, the meeting link is kept hidden until the meeting starts. Users are required to authenticate and only then the meeting link will be pushed into their browsers.
  • Cynorix Composite Multi-factor Authentication provides user convenience and superior security. It offers enhanced features for users who have gone through user registration, as well as on-line one-time-password authentication for those who have not registered.
  • Lightning-fast generation/distribution of key material among a large number of participants, with perfect secrecy (zero information leakage about the key).
  • Relying on an AI-based engine, Cynorix chat tools accurately differentiate human voice from surrounding noise and accordingly activates auto-mute. This is further enhanced by detecting movement of the speaker’s lips and activating the auto-mute when the user is not speaking.
  • No information about meeting encryption key is stored on any external server.