Cynorix Secure File Sharing

To securely store a file in the cloud, it is desirable that no organization/individual, other than the file owner, should be able to decrypt the encrypted file. A second, and arguably more important, feature is that an encrypted file should remain encrypted in the process of being shared with others. Also, in order to share an encrypted file, the original file owner should not need to share his/her password, nor share the encryption key that has been originally used to encrypt the file. Cynorix secure file sharing is the only existing technology that possess all these desirable characteristics, and more.

  • Encrypts each file with a dedicated key which is neither reused, nor shared/stored in unencrypted form.
  • End-to-end Encryption enables sharing an encrypted file without decrypting/re-encrypting.
  • Once the encrypted file is on the receiving person's trusted device, the recipient can decrypt it using recipient’s own unique password. The conversion between keys is performed without storing any of the passwords/keys in unencrypted form, and without any leakage of information (zero trust).
  • Encryption key is formed solely within end-user's trusted device and is erased upon completing its task (encrypting or decrypting).
  • To enhance encryption efficacy through removing data redundancy, files are gathered in a zip folder prior to encryption.
  • A first variant of Cynorix Secure File Sharing product is seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace (uses Google Drive and Google Authentication) and with Microsoft Office 365 (uses OneDrive and Microsoft Authentication).
  • A second variant allows sharing an encrypted file using any sharing mechanism, e.g., email, chat, etc. It also allows selecting a lifetime and a maximum number of permitted decryptions for each encrypted file. It is integrated with Cynorix Composite Multi-Factor Authentication, providing user convenience and superior security. It offers enhanced features based on combined authentication-encryption for users who have gone through registration, as well as on-line (one-time-password) authentication for those who have not registered.
  • Client password is first mixed with a random number (called salt) which, unlike existing solutions, is not transmitted over the network, and changes for each encrypted file.

Microsoft version: For enterprises using Microsoft 365, or for public using OneDrive/Outlook

Google version: For enterprises using Google Workspace, or for public using G-drive/Gmail

User can select how to share the encrypted file, e.g., using DropBox, Box, email, chat, etc