Cynorix Secure Router

Cynorix Secure Router is a Wi-Fi access point based on IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac and standard Wi-Fi encryption. It is implemented in software, and can be installed on most commercially available Wi-Fi routers. Through a software change, Cynorix Secure Router hosts two routers within the same box, one operating in the “residential mode” and the other one operating in the “enterprise mode”. The router operating in the residential mode has a single password for all users. However, to connect to the router operating in the enterprise mode, each device has its own unique login-name and password. Once the user, as a person, logins to the residential mode router, its device will automatically connect to the enterprise mode router using its own (device’s) credential (login-name and password). This contrasts with traditional Wi-Fi networks (operating in the residential mode) where individuals using the service share the same login-name and password and use it to connect all their devices. The use of passwords for devices allows selecting long passwords (63 Bytes) including all possible characters, making the dictionary attack impossible. More importantly, passwords associated with devices are formed automatically by observing the behavior of packet error. Observations from error events are used to generate truly random passwords without disclosing any information about the formed password. In addition, the password generating algorithm is continually running, automatically changing the password of its respective device. In Wi-Fi, the encryption key is derived from the password. Consequently, relying on a long/complex, random and continually changing password for each device results in an encryption algorithm which is virtually unbreakable.

  • A long (63 characters), random and automatically/continually changing password for each device.
  • Generating truly random password/encryption keys by observing pattern of packet errors in Wi-Fi (Quantum-safe encryption key).