Secure Storage & Distributed Key Maintenance

Current security infrastructure typically relies on databanks storing millions of passwords (and/or encryption keys) on a single server. If the server hosting the databank is compromised, it will have dire consequences. Cynorix has solved this problem by dividing the information content of each password (or encryption key) into several complementary, at the same time independent, pieces, and these pieces are stored on physically separate servers in the cloud. This renders unauthorized access to passwords’ databank virtually impossible.

  • All components are needed to reconstruct the original password/key.
  • A subset of components do not provide any useful information about the password/key.
  • Key components on different servers are continually changing at a high speed, so, if a hacker manages to gain access to some of the servers, by the time the remaining servers are potentially hacked, key components that have been already gathered will be useless.
  • Cynorix technology allows changing the key components without disclosing any information about the key content.