Secure Storage & Distributed Key Maintenance

Many cases of information loss occur when hackers get access to databases in the cloud containing passwords or encryption keys. To counter these cases, Cynorix has designed a technique which enables breaking a key/password into several components, where all components are needed to reconstruct the original key/password. However, a subset of these components does not provide any information about the key/password. The key components are distributed among (stored on) different servers over the internet. For a hacker to get access to the key/password, he/she needs to successfully hack all the servers, which is much more difficult than hacking a single server. Such a system will be still vulnerable if the hacker manages to get his/her hands on all servers over time. To block such a possibility, Cynorix has another breakthrough technology which allows to change the components of the key/password stored on different servers, separately from each other, without affecting the content of the key/password to be reconstructed from the changed components. In other words, the key components stored on different servers are continually changing, so if a hacker manages to gain access to a some of these servers, by the time he/she manages to hack the rest of the servers, the key components that he/she has already gathered from the hacked servers will become useless. Cynorix technology allows changing the key components without disclosing any information about the key content.