Password Safeguarding

The most vulnerable pathway to your security and privacy is your password (or encryption keys). In particular, to encrypt a file on a computer (or smart handheld), it is desirable to generate the encryption key from a password that is memorized by the owner and the password is not stored. The question is, if the password is not stored, then how can it be recovered in case the owner forgets it? One way is to trust a server to keep record of your password(s), but that server can be hacked, and after all, your password is secure only if it remains with you. Cynorix password recovery technology allows to regenerate your password without storing any information that would allow reconstructing it without your participation. In doing this, your password remains only in your memory, in particular, no information about your password is stored anywhere, nor it is accessed/processed outside your local device. Your password is regenerated within your device, is shown to you and then it is erased. This means your password never leaves your device and is not stored anywhere, not even in your own system.

Cynorix has taken this technology one step further. Our on-site encryption technology allows users to encrypt their files on their own devices using their own password. Most hackings occur when hackers get their hands on passwords, which are hashed, and reverse the hashing to get the original password in plain text. Technological advances in computer technology has provided hackers with computing tools that include multiple specialized processors and can break the hash of any password in seconds. Our system converts the password into a complex encryption key that is much harder to reverse as compared to standard hashing techniques used in the industry. We use the encryption key, which is regenerated within your computer every time you need it, to encrypt your file or directory and store the encrypted file/directory on your own device. You can decrypt the file anytime you need it, or want to modify it, without any involvements from Cynorix. Our role comes into play only when you forget the password. We help you to recover it, without storing/disclosing any information about your password. Our technology even allows you to use a different key for each file, all keys generated from your password. Again, operations required to regenerate your password are all conducted within your local device.