Secure Sharing of Encrypted Files

Current technologies for storing encrypted files in the cloud have some shortcomings, which we have been able to overcome. Our technology for secure storage and sharing of encrypted files allows to:

  1. Secure each file with a dedicated encryption key extracted from client's password, where the encryption key is generated anew at the client side whenever needed, and it is never stored. This entails the file owner is the only person who can decrypt the file.

  2. If the file owner wishes to share an encrypted file with a second person, our technology performs the sharing in a manner that the file is never decrypted in the process, while, once the encrypted file is on the second person's trusted device, he/she can decrypt it using his/her own password. These operations are performed without storing any of the passwords/keys, and without disclosing any information about any of the two users’ passwords. We are currently working on integrating this technology with Google Drive and with Microsoft OneDrive.

Please check here for other benefits with respect to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).