Cynorix Virtual Private Network


  1. Truly random and automatically/continually changing encryption keys – unbreakable encryption.

  2. Mixture of two Encryption keys, a first key generated by observing transmission delay, and a second key generated by using techniques from Information Theoretical security - each of these two strategies (keys) on its own provides unbreakable encryption, and the mixing of the two keys is not required, but is provided as an option for users' peace of mind. In addition, to have a smooth integration with enterprise networks that have been traditionally relying on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), an option is provided allowing the two Cynorix encryption keys to be combined with the key generated using enterprise PKI (although this is not necessary either).

  3. Encryption keys are generated on the spot from scratch, with regular updating of encryption keys during a session.

  4. Unlike PKI which relies on secure storage of each private key on its owner's device, nothing about Cynorix key(s) is known/stored beforehand.

Please check here for other benefits with respect to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

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CPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is enhanced by a second layer of encryption using Cynorix key generation technology. VPNs are commonly used to provide anonymity and security in Internet connections. They play the role of a tunnel in connecting two points. Consider two cities that are connected through a tunnel. Any vehicle traveling between the two cities will be hidden from public by tunnel walls. VPN is analogous to such a tunnel, the vehicles travelling through the tunnel are packets of data, and the cities connected by the tunnel are analogous to the two users communicating through the Internet. VPN tunnel hides the contents of data packets exchanged between the two users. An important point is that all the data flowing out of a computer equipped with VPN passes through the VPN tunnel, and thereby will be protected. On the other hand, the security of the VPN tunnel depends on the security of the key used in the underlying encryption protocol. Current systems typically rely on encryption keys that are not secret, just difficult to compute. To make the matters worse, the encryption keys are typically stored on the servers of the authority that has generated them, and as a result, are prone to hacking. In addition, the same key is used over and over, consequently, a single hack can cause damage over an extended period of time until it is discovered. To solve these shortcomings, Cynorix has designed a powerful VPN software based on using its proprietary key generation algorithm. Same as in other Cynorix products, the encryption keys generated in this manner are truly random, and are established without disclosing any information about the key content. The keys will be also frequently renewed. As a result, CPN provides a truly secure and private platform for communicating sensitive information. CPN can be also equipped with Cynorix real-time, automated, multi-factor authentication techniques, making it a perfect choice for remote access in enterprises.